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This dream must end

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14th January 2012

Seriously, just seriously wonderful episode. I'd write a proper reaction post but it would main be insane smiles and hand waving. Instead short bullet points of things I loved.

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I even blooming well wrote something for it!

Busy Women For laeira's prompt: Doctor Who - Amy, Martha (either) - is there a doctor in the house?

(For a pretty short comment fic I had an awful lot of research tabs up. Weird.)

6th January 2012

What time is it?

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Miles: ORLY?
Its Grey's Anatomy time!

2nd January 2012


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So... I am now completely confused about what my feelings for this episode actually are. On one hand I really, really enjoyed myself while watching it, but one the other hand, looking back on it I find myself second guessing it and worrying about whether or not certain elements were Fail! or Jolly Good!. 

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We also watched Treasure Island.

It was also pretty darn good. Interestingly, I read the original Treasure Island book for the first time this summer when I also read my first Sherlock Holmes book, which included a 'Scandal in Bohemia'. How's that for coincidence?

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27th December 2011

Christmas TV

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21st November 2011

Why, Moffat? Why?

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Amelia Pond: Universe
So there are these Doctor Who Webisodes that have just been released.

Bad Night & Good Night
First Night & Last Night

And, well, I love them. I love them to small, shiny chunks of awesomeness. They basically hit my one huge kink - people talking to each other about their feelings, or at least not talking about them in interesting ways - right bang on the head.

But what I don't understand is why, why in the name of all the fannish Gods, did Steven Moffat choose to not put this delightfulness in the actual show. I don't mean these actual scenes. They work very well as small, contained shorts. But, the feeling behind it, those little character moments that mean so much and take so little time, the relationship building and maintaining, why was that not in the past two seasons? I feel as if the show has just been saying 'Oh, Amy and the Doctor are best friends', but these little shorts actually showed me why, and how that worked.

31st October 2011

I might have been watching both of these videos every time I take a break from uni work. Thus I've seen them probably more than is healthy.

First up is is the TateTennant in partnership with BARROWMAN *shakes fist* which some truly wonderful Welsh accents and in jokes:

And now the one that makes me want to hug absolutely everyone involved, Doctor Who Crew and the Proclaimers:

15th October 2011

Night of Awesome TV!

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Gwen: Upset
So I'm in my third and final year of university now. In anthropologist terms I am reaching the end of the liminal period that is higher education and shall soon(ish) have to face the transition into adulthood and reintegration it to what some would call the real world. So I could talk about that and how actually I'm planning on taking a Masters in Medieval Studies instead. Or I could mention that as of October the Third I've been going out with The Boyfriend for two years and discuss how being in a relationship constantly makes you think about the sort of person your are, for instance are you the sort of person who trusts that people can actually sort out their own shit for themselves? (I some times find this quite difficult.) Are you the sort of person who talks about their feelings? (Again, I'm working on it.) Are you the sort of person who is honestly happy to spend an entire day snuggling? (Yes, yes I am.)

But rather than being all introspective I'm just going to have a bit of a squee about all the TV shows I watched tonight.

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20th July 2011

I originally posted this to softly_me 's journal post, but since it pretty much sums up my feelings on the whole thing I thought I'd just copy it here and add a few other things.

Cut for exposition of my feelingsCollapse )

16th July 2011

Oh God. Why on the day when I get back from a fairly exhausting trip down south to find that no cleaning of any description has been done in my absence do both of our hoovers decide to break? Damn it I wanted to be all superior and 'Oh, by the way, since you guys didn't feel up to it, I just cleaned all the things, just to let you know'. Instead the utility room floor is covered in dust and so is my recently showered self. The sitting room does at least look tidier than it was... I think I'll do the bathroom and then call it a night.

ETA: Also, did I mention that I have slight dust allergies? I try to ignore it mostly but ugh... *reaches for the tissues*
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